1. Consultation with Dr Weston, Dr Sabau or Dr Mai. You will require a G.P referral in order to see one of these specialists. If you are referred for IUI steps 2-4 below will need to be done before treatment can commence.


2.  Both male and female partner must complete a Child Protection Order Check.


To fill in application forms Click here


If you need help to fill in these forms Click here.


The completed Application forms must then be emailed to City Babies at the following address 


3. Complete the National Police Record Check  (one for each partner) which can be found on



Click on 'Our services'

Scroll down to 'Police Record Checks'

Under the heading 'Downloads for the National Police Record Check Process'

Click on 'Online application form for the National Police Certificate'

You must complete the following;

Section A- National NAME check

Section E- reason for check is "Contact with Children" and in the additional text box, type "IVF Applicant"

Once you have completed the forms they can be printed off and posted with 100 points of Certified I.D and a cheque or money order for the current processing fee to the Police Enquiry Office.


4. Once completed Record Checks have been received by you, call City Babies on 94277377 to make the following appointments

a) Mandatory counselling appointment

b) Nursing appointment to commence treatment.


The ART Act 2008 requires that is a patient or partner has been convicted of a sexual or violent offence , or if a child has been removed from their custody or guardianship, or a Child Protection Order has been made against the woman or her partner then  a "presumption against treatment" will apply to the woman and you cannot undergo fertility treatment.

You have the right to apply to the Patient Review Panel for their consideration of your circumstances.